My Newest Work

img215     img216 img245     img240

This is my most recent series of work. I’m toying with the concept of beauty at the moment and it’s proven to be a very interesting topic with lots of different angles to look at.
Here are a few selected scans from a studio shoot I did using colour film. I didn’t use any flash in these images and the colours that have come from that are amazing! These are very quick scans, of which I need to scan in again at a higher res, but I think these are too good to wait to share!


A Sneak Preview

MCH_6644    MCH_6652

A little look into what I’m doing recently. I spent the morning wandering around Pannier Market in Truro and came out with a really strong selection of images.

New York

CNV00013     CNV00014

Back in November I went on a uni trip to New York and bought a couple of disposabal cameras out there. Although it was -4 in temperature it was an amazing trip. As I was wandering around the streets of NY, I came across this vehicle that appeared to have smoke coming out of it.